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Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Springs

When your Garage Door is no longer lifting properly with ease – it can be frustrating (not to mention inconvenient) but what can you do? What is broken with my garage door?

First – do not try and lift the door with the motor as the door may get more damaged from clear travel path. If the garage door springs are broken – do not try and lift the door manually as it can be extremely heavy and can hurt yourself in the process. Replacing external torsion springs is not a clear-cut DIY project to take on, removing garage door springs require the specialized trade tools and techniques to prevent serious injury – let alone using the correct size spring gauge from recommended US factory manufactures.

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Opening the garage door with a broken spring can not only damage the door itself (panels) it can possibly damage items placed in the garage nearby that may include valuables or storage items.

Understanding Garage Door Springs & How They Work

When we can conclude the broken springs are main culprit here – 

It makes sense to go over what exactly torsion springs are how we use them in a residential garage door environment.

1.) Springs are rated on the amount of life cycles the manufacturer recommends they should last.

2.) One life cycle is considered a full open and closing of the garage door system – typical rating range from 10,000-20,000 cycles depending on wire gauge/coatings. 

3.) This does not include external factors such as the following: weather, humidity, rusting.

Garage Door Springs Lifespan

If on average use the door 3 occasions a day that is about 1,000 cycles a year, so that full 10,000 cycle lifespan a year translate roughly in to an 8-10 year stretch of the average broken garage door spring system. 

Regular maintenance and lubrication of your existing system is always recommended to keep your system up to date and dialed in – give a call here in the Sacramento area for garage door repairs and broken garage door springs.

Make sure to lubricate the garage door spring, rollers, and hinges at least twice a year to use high quality maintenance plan in place. Proper maintenance can improve the life span of your garage door along with the normal wear and tear of moving components.

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