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Check Out the Most Common Problems with Garage Doors Here

Check Out the Most Common Problems with Garage Doors Here

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Is your car stuck in the garage because the door won’t budge?

One problem many homeowners are facing when using an open garage is a lock on a doorway. If this happens it should be checked with a camera located on either side of the garage window.

Broken Tension Garage Door Springs

Garage door spring repair is often a common reason that a door doesn’t open. The garage spring is pumped by the mechanical power directing the door movements of the garage. Worn and rusted springs may cause the car not to work properly and the lock may not be able to be closed correctly. Garage door springs compensate for the weight of garage doors for smooth opening of the door. Springers are found in the garages in manual and automatic models. Two tension springs extend the door horizontally and two extension springs raise and lower the door.

What does a garage door tension spring do?

Garage door spring tension is used to lift a heavy door and can withstand extreme pressure. Be careful they may hurt you if you do not care!

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

The opener is useless without the springs. Garage doors have hefty weights which are driven by springs. Expanded springs increase in size and twist springs help support door weight with reliable counterbalance. Therefore with a broken spring its going to be a problem for the door open These mechanisms control the opening and closing process of doors. Without the spring, the door opener cannot lift the door even if using a garage door remote control the garage door won’t open

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Some believe in the durability of garage door parts forever. As previously mentioned, springs can sadly break at any point in their useful life. This means understanding their cycle of life is crucial. Garage door springs are a common component on garage doors which has an extremely low life cycle. The length of their lifespan is uncertain. So if you dont care, torsion spring can happen. The typical door spring may last between 7 and 8 years. Then assume 50,000 cycles and use just twice daily. In a given cycle the longer it takes to use.

Clean the photo eye

It’s a sensor that hovers about four or eight feet above the ground to find out about objects within its path. Upon sensing it will tell the garage doors to stop shut. This safety feature prevents the door from locking for pets or young kids. Caveats: These are dangerous photographs that can prevent your garage door from moving. Wipe out your camera lens with an air rag then try again to see if the garage door opens – it’s a common garage door problems.


Make sure the opener is plugged in

Oftentimes garage door openers are not connected to the electrical outlets and a power cord has gotten out of the socket. One of the things to check if the garage door doesn’t open or won’t close properly. Might be a motor issue, don’t hesitate to call a professional in your area if you noticed a problem that you can not fix yourself. That is if you know how to inspect and adjust the system properly.

Disconnected or Broken Garage Door Remote Control

Automatic garage door controls either via wall panel switch or remote control. To access the garage door of the home, just press the button on the remote control panel and the door will lift by getting the remote signal. The garage door opener sends the signal for the opening and closing of doors. When garage doors are not locked you might break the remote. What should I do when my remote controls get stolen? A quick fix is resetting access codes is basically replacing a code to prevent someone from accessing a remote from your home.

Check that the garage door is set in its track

The door that has opened but stopped is probably the culprit. The opening mechanism for most garage doors is disabled if the door rollers are pulled from an end track of a sidetrack and the door is locked. The garagedoor track is misaligned. It occurs when a road has been accidentally hit by a heavy object bent out, allowing doors to slip. You don’t have to get a new garage door, you can easily disengage the opener and raise the door with your hands by moving the rollers back onto the track using this switch. There are a minimum of 2 persons involved. If the doors have opened up, gently tap the bent side of the tracks back towards alignment using the mallet.


When Should I Call a Garage Door Company?

Its important to know, although some repairs can be done by the homeowner, such as a remote control fix or when you have an opener with wifi capabilities (as we explain more in this article), safety sensors or if the door won’t fully open or won’t open closes smoothly, etc.. you can fix yourself by searching on youtube and articles in google search, but some problems must be done by a professional for safety reasons.

If one or two spring breaks and you need a garage door spring replacement

If a cable breaks or cable drum broken

If you need a panel repair or replacement

And if a whole new garage door replacement is needed – better be done by a professional for safety

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