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Garage Door Insulation: Cost vs Value

Garage Door Insulation: Cost vs Value

Finding yourself in the market for a new insulated garage door or on the fence about replacing a worn door broken garage door? When there is squeaking noises, loud rubbing, or crackling – chances are it is about time to consider purchasing a new garage door. Not only is a new garage door adding an extra layer curb appeal, but it can also significantly add value to the property of the homeowner knowing it is safe and securely handled by a licensed professional garage door company. garage door repairs sacramento garage door insulation non insulated panels r value

Types of Garage Door Materials

First thing is first to consider when purchasing a garage door – what size, type, and product will affect the cost of the garage door that the owner chooses to have installed.

1.) Standard Aluminum Garage Doors – Provides a corrosion free surface that offers the best budget for standard 15×7 or 16×7 garage door opening.

2.) Wood Garage Doors – Provides a natural beautiful canvas the over time to need more general upkeep to make sure it is operating properly. 

3.) Steel Garage Doors – Provides the vast collection of panels, styles, and price range. From an entry level single level panel to an ultra-premium high R-valued model known to have the most cost vs value.

Do I need an insulated or non-insulated Garage Door?

Having an insulated garage door that is high in R-value and is properly sealed can have a major impact on energy costs – for example, during winter having an insulated garage door can usually keep the garage space 10-12 degrees higher than vs a non-insulated steel garage door. On the other hand, during the warmer summer times, you can casually find having an insulated garage door would easily be cooler by around 20 degrees from external conditions.

Benefits to having an Insulated Garage Door

Contents usually associated with garage door stuff – paint, cleaning supplies, oils, and fertilizers.

Check out these unique ways weather conditions can affect your car:

1.) Cold weather can translate to a dead battery or shorten life span

2.) Fluids – things similar to oil, transmission fluid, and brake components

3.) Air tire pressure – can possibly lead to flat tires

Convenience Combined with Comfort

Let’s say your like us – people who use the garage door area everyday and value the space.

Imagine using your garage door as work from home type deal or devoting resources to that awesome home gym setup, it all comes down to making your garage door space area more efficient and comfortable. 

Without factory insulated panels, you mostly likely have installed a single layer steel or aluminum door.

When installing a new code compliant insulated garage door -it adds durability to the strength of the door granting it resilience against the tangibles like children, vehicles, and heavy equipment.

Insulated Garage Doors are significantly less noisy

Having insulated panels naturally offers a continued layer of noise dampening across your garage door, which is something good to have. The general rule of thumb here is that the older a garage door tends to be, the more they usually produce louder amounts of noise during operation. From not keeping up the garage door maintenance like lubrication, replacement, and repairs each garage door has to be installed correctly and professionally be a garage door contractor to ensure proper functionality. 

You can be sure to hear less crackling and grinding noise from worn out garage door components like cables, hinges, or rollers. 

Hiring A Garage Door Contractor

At this point you are probably wondering if this should be a DIY project or should I call a licensed professional? Well, my answer would be it depends on how much you value time and safety to make the garage door installation.

From a far it seems like an overall straightforward task until you actually start to go through the motions. It can potentially eat up a big portion of time if not approached methodically and technically – especially without the proper experience for the job.

In most cases, we can recommend to give Pure Garage Door Services a call to get a free in-home consultation on your new insulated garage door – our technicians cover a vast range of door to fit all of the insulated garage door types available on the market for consideration.

Taking this route will in hindsight save you time and money – after not having to deal with garage door things.

Hiring Pure Garage Door Services will guide our customers through the sales process to select the door that maximizes the many benefits of having an insulated garage door vs a non-insulated garage door. In the end, our clients are satisfied from a professional install that is covered by a competitive warranty. 



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