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Garage Door Maintenance Checklists

Garage Door Maintenance Checklists

Garage Door Checklists for Homeowners

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Many property owners overlook their garage doors until they become too expensive to fix. They don’t even think that they should have scheduled oil changes similar to a vehicle maintenance. Perform annual inspections to stay in touch with panels, levers & slats, roller cables and springs. In the meantime, it helps to book an occasional inspection by contacting an expert.


Pure Garage Door services performs such an extensive Garage Door Maintenance checklist that calibrates the overall general health of the garage door, garage door opener, and all the moving mechanisms that make an automated door open smoothly.

Test the Auto Reverse on Your Garage Door

It also allows for a quick reverse when the garage door detects obstacles like cars, pets or children. The device is activated using pressure sensors in the doorway or photocell. Installing 1-1/2-inch blocks underneath the door can make auto reverse easier. The door will turn immediately if you hit the block. To test the photoelectric sensors installed 4 – 6-inch over the top floor on each side of the garage door frame, you should open the doors upward. The doors are supposed to turn and rise. The auto reverse should work when the gate is not opened correctly, and you should contact Pure Garage Door Services today for a consultation.

Clear Garage Door Tracks for General Maintenace

Removal of rust and debris from the tracks at the entrance. Check brackets that hold track on walls and ceilings, as well as fixing bolts for garage door openers. Door vibrations could weaken hardware. The doors do not require any special equipment, explains Krzyzak. A number of people are seen with red bolts on garage doors and end up being treated for serious injuries.

Limit the use for longer Garage Door Lifespan

Many homes with garage entrance and exit are usually accessed only by a garage door. Do this to yourself? You’ll need doorknobs more often”. I told customers that they had a house key- Some smiled when they said what was it? The garage door usually has up to 10 cycles a day. At 10 cycles a day, it could be necessary to repair the springs every two to three years.

When garage doors are unable to function as expected the doors are going to work harder. When disconnecting the open door manually by pulling the lever on the lock, push the door a little bit higher. When tying the springs, the balance of the counterweights will fail. Garage door springs should be handled by professionals.

Lubricate Moving Garage Door Components

Keep rollers and other components lubricated so they don’t irritate roller and door openers. Two times per year apply lubricant to roller surfaces. The debris is collected on the parts that generates noise; he adds. The original WD-40 is not a suitable way to break down this gunk and prevent it from corrosion and rusting – use a properly approved garage door lubricant to hit all the moving component to ensure moisture and avoid metal to metal friction that can wear garage door components

Keep garage doors greased for years of reliable performance – and only 10 minutes a year! Use lithium grease to seal the chain, the screw in the opener, and air lubricant for overhead springs.

Inspect and Replace the Rollers for Garage Door Maintenance

Rollers, steel or nylon, must be inspected twice every year and re-installed once every six months or so. Those that have a damaged roller need replacement as soon as possible. Remove the roller mounting screws from the cable to replace them.

Check the Cables on Your Garage Door

You should NEVER mess with cable that lifts your door as it will cause you pain and cause death. However, you should always check the conditions for determining if to hire the best. Check for cracked strands near lower rollers.

Our mission for Garage Door Maintenace

Our aim at exceeding customer expectations is to provide exceptional value, industry-leading products & unmatched services.

Garage door movements vary between 1,000 and 1,000 times a year. This is a big vibration that may tighten up the hardware. Test the rollers by removing the nuts using a socket wrench.

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