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How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Space

How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Space

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Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Garage Space and Storage Ideas

Most organizers estimate that only 30% of Americans are storing cars at their homes. Why? There’s a lot. This garage storage plan will help you remove anything you do not need. Sort everything into three sections: Keeps, donates, sells and throws. Put the tarp onto a tarp or clear out your driveways with chalk & place them there. What should be left out of the bag: discarded toys or broken items. Take some pictures of something important to keep. Maximizing garage space and garage organization can be found by most homeowners at some point in time – garage storage systems can be installed to decrease project time, but here are garage organization ideas that provide easy access to vertical space and make use of all the available space the garage storage ideas has to offer.

Car Care Products Cabinet

Organize all the necessary car fluids for storage inside a small drawer. You may put a foldable door inside a hinged box, but we’ll show you the best way for organizing your garage with no hardware required. Freestanding shelving unit can organize items for the car, all the stuff needed for home improvement projects and can be fitted to the garage’s dimensions as needed. Having enough space for light items, garage items, and closet space if needed.

Use a track system for awkwardly shaped items

Some items do not fit on the shelf! It was necessary to find another way to solve these odd puzzles and Gladiator stayed on the track perfectly. You buy tracks. There’s lots of hooks for everything and there’s even a storage box for everything you need. This is another example of using our track system to holder items and tooling. Overhead storage offers solutions for garage organized by shelving units for the outdoor toys, gardening tools, and absolutely everything else including miscellaneous items. Wall shelves can hold oversized holiday decorations, take up minimal valuable floor space, and is a great garage organization idea to consider.

Store lawn care items near the garage door

Donnie said that we made a lot of yardwork easier when all of our lawn maintenance products were neatly organized. He usually comes in and leaves for a few things. So, I thought the equipment needed to be close enough near the front door for access easily. The easier projects become the more chances they get completed. Other stuff with sentimental value can be organized garage space on mount hooks, seasonal items, and sports gear that won’t see light until next season. Sports gear, along with hose reel can take off too much stuff and a trip to the container store may be required. Garage shelves addresses this issue for cleaning items and a good solution to most garage storage ideas. Zip ties will not be needed, and a storage bins or storage space can done in your own garage. Mount hooks are used for small items and a pulley system can be mounted overhead by power tools or plastic bins.

Easy Overhead Garage Storage

Stow large objects in front by forming a simple shelf with 2′′ pvc pipe/fitting. Fix straight pipes on ceiling supports to help with heavy loads and screw in angled pieces of ‘wyes’ connectors to stabilize rack. Smooth PVC surfaces make for easy transport.

Stop Air Leaks Between the Garage and House

Before installing a garage organizer, look at the gaps that are located between your garage and the house walls and ceilings. This is where hot or cold moisture will enter. Seal small gaps in drywall with a spray sealant.

Keep Things Off the Garage Floor

Keep things out of the ground if possible. You can have plenty of room in your car to keep you from cluttering the piles with useless items. Make sure the shelves can be elevated to make it easy to clean the floor under them.


Add labels to help find items easily

I love labels for their cuteness and practicality! I’ve had cricut explorer cutting machines for years and they still hold firmly. The complete tutorial to make labels can be found here. Labeling – helps people quickly identify everything. It makes the process easier for the people who created the organization system.


Garage Storage Ideas: Utilize open baskets or bins for frequently used items

Garage dust can accumulate. I’ve found this useful. I used these mesh baskets to store the pucks the boys use outside and I also kept the lid on their most used sporting equipment. The reason is that it’s more suited for the situation. It is because the less steps the boys must take to get the thing back, the better chances they are of doing so!


If hanging shelves isn’t an option, use metal shelving units

If concrete block walls are not conducive for a wall-mounted shelving system or if you rent and want a thing you can take with you after the departure of the house, this sturdy metal shelf is Gladiator’s favorite. Garages can easily be used for this purpose as well. Our house was covered with plastic shelves when we bought it. It always got smashed, I’m constantly afraid it will fall because it doesn’t seem to be really solid. These metal shelves are quite an investment but I like them so much. They are heavy, so can be used for anything.

Create a drop zone for sports equipment

It was a big priority in the garage! My kids would come back for hockey and throw their sweaty, scented food into the diningroom. Yummy! Obviously, I’m gonna go back. They had a low ALGOT (Boxels) shelving unit and they were able to store everything without having to smell anything in the room.

Use a pegboard to organize light and/or small items

I love peg boards. The cute little ones are practical. We created a small office station inside our garage using IKEA’s KADIS pegboard with a few accessories. We used another skaDIS peg board + hooks for cleaning supplies and everything went smoothly! This large carport peg board storage unit also makes for a great storage of DIY materials!

Add hooks for airing out smelly items

Oh, the stuff. I added several simple hooks for catching soiled clothing and helmets between practice and game. If you are a sport mom/wife and are a sport athlete, you’re sure this smell won’ t disappear. It was my first chance!

Flexible Garage Storage Wall

It solves two challenges. Solution is to make horizontal wood strips and cheap shelves based on standard. It can accommodate most shelving units or hooks and can also be moved around the walls easily by changing the layout.

Don’t Waste the High Space

When your garage is easily accessible, you may waste space. These high areas can be ideal spaces for commonly used equipment but can be incredibly useful in long-term storage. Deep shelves or cupboards above the ceiling may store a lot of seasonal stuff such as holidays or camping equipment.

Hang bikes up out of the way

I knew it was necessary that we find a practical solution to store the bike. Gladiator has several different attachment systems designed specifically for bicycle track systems. We decided on this one, and got them away. In my experience ceiling mounts are also very useful.

Garage parking has limited spaces. One of these products that we use to save floor space is a bike hoist. It is very easily installed and very useful. Buying garage hoists should be careful about those which have short ropes and small dimensions. It is likely that it will fall from the wheels and jam. See if they have a nice strong rope.

What size is a single car garage?

A 1-car garage has a maximum width of 16 feet and an interior width of 23 feet. Other commonly used dimensions include 14×22 feet, 16×24 feet, and 14×24 feet. These larger garages can be used in place of the parking for the automobile. A 2-Car garage usually has 18feet of width and 10ft of depth.

How can I organize my garage cheaply?

Plastic storage bins can be easily organized and cheap. Organization: Once you group your items into different types, drop them into the bins with a label attached. Is this the best solution to my problem? Use these tips to decide what to store in your storage bin.

Is it cheaper to buy or build garage shelves?

Lower Cost: The materials for your garage shelving will normally be less expensive to buy. Customized. Make your own. The shelving will meet your precise requirements.

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