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Longevity Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smooth

Longevity Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smooth

Garage Door Tune-Ups Give Longevity To Your Automatic Door

Is a garage door tune-up worth it?

Regular maintenance will help prevent replacing the entire door as the hinges may be damaged in some cases. Replacing an old part will help save money. Maintaining garage doors regularly increases their lifespan.

Watch and Listen to the Door in Operation

Problems with garage doors are typically visible in noisy movements or squealing noises. Its well-maintained and positioned garage door is quiet when you turn and doesn’t feel jerky when you’re stepping. See the sides — the spring puller cables — and see how they appear together. When operating your garage door opener, you can inspect the moving parts of your garage door and evaluate if you need a Garage door specialist to come and service your garage door. When you hire a garage door professional, they will inspect if you have a properly balanced door, inspect your garage door tracks, garage door opener, and roller brackets, check for any loose bolts, and see evaluate if your garage door needs extensive repairs or not. If you don’t have a properly balanced garage door, your garage door professional will have to release the high tension on your torsion springs to bring the garage door balance to level. Wood doors can be a very serious issue due to the weight of the garage door.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Garage Door

The above maintenance is important as well as extending the life of your garage door. Restricting the use of the doors. Many people have garage doors used as their primary entrance into their homes. This is a good thing, but it will cause additional wear on both the torsion springs of the door and the Garage door parts. When applying silicone spray or lithium grease to your garage door, track hardware, roller brackets, and any moving parts can keep your garage door moving smoothly and keep your garage door opening properly maintained.

How to Prep for Garage Door Maintenance

Observe the efficiency of your garage door to determine its function. Look for unusual sounds when opening or closing and see where dirt has built up. By inspecting your garage door thoroughly you can determine what maintenance is needed. Before starting maintenance of garage door hardware there must be a couple of supplies in mind. Always wear safety glasses, brake cleaners, wrenches, socket wrenches if possible, step ladders, and WD40.

Leave the Dangerous Work to the Professionals

You should know the limits of a garage door. The majority of garage doors are handled by yourself, but extensive repair and full panel replacements are only necessary by a qualified professional. Depending on where you place your lock and how you adjust the lock you can have a serious injury. Tension springs are usually attached with red bolts to doors that indicate high tension from springs and cables. Don’t attempt to fix the bolts alone.

Inspect and maintain your garage door annually for safety and convenience sake

Pure Garage Door Services provides garage door maintenance and ensures safe and efficient operation and maintenance on your average garage door. When hiring a garage door technician our main objective is to make sure your garage door torsion springs, older garage door openers, and backup battery, are all working properly.

Tighten the nuts and bolts

Hardware may be looser due to the movement of your garage door. Make sure to use a socket wrench and tighten all badly worn moving parts.

Inspect and Replace the Roller

Roller rollers should be inspected once every seven years. Worn dents and cracked rollers need repair. This will require the removal or reinstallation of rollers not directly connected to cable systems. Adding lithium grease or white lithium grease to your old roller is just a temporary fix.

Service the Garage Door Opener

If your door has too much noise to open/close, it might be too short for a chain to be tight. For repairs start with raising the door at the halfway point. Disconnect the release handle on the garage door with the opener and then automatically raise it to the ground. Turn off the power supply by either plugging it in or removing the power breaker. Find the adjustment bolts to connect the belts of your openers. This should go to a separate side from the opening. Turn the screw clockwise and the other screw clockwise for tightening. Refrain from over-tending as this will cause damage. Garage door openers


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