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Prevent Garage Door Break ins While Away

Prevent Garage Door Break ins While Away

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Prevent Garage Break-ins During the Holidays and Vacation Time

Approximately 1.6m home burglaries occur in the United States every year. Not surprising, thieves are more likely able to access homes through front or back doors. In almost half of these incidents the door actually had no lock in the room. A home’s windows are also an easy place to get caught by burglars. Garage door windows can be tinted with translucent film to prevent visibility into the garage entry area. Close your garage door and make sure the burglar’s job is an easy excursion. Access to your garage can prevent thieves from targeting a home and having security cameras installed goes along way to avoid garage theft. Garage door openers now a days have build in cameras for this very reason – keep reading to uncover garage security tips that may help a high security situation.

Burglar-proof your garage

Garage doors are traditionally weak points of garage security and allow the theft of your home. Use this guide to help burglar proof your doors. Pure Garage Door Services is here to help with making sure your garage is safe even when you are not home. Smartphone app can see if the door has been opened by anyone you give access to on the application – emergency release lever may or may not be accessible from the outside which gives many homeowners piece of mind over potential thieves and not relying on a zip tie to hold the door together.

Protect your home by preventing intruders from gaining entry through your garage

Our products may be used by us to earn revenue or be part of affiliate programs. Your home will be only protected at your lowest entrance point for many of them. While homeowners generally have high-quality entry doors for the front door, garage doors often suffer the most—unfortunately, as nearly 9 percent of burglars have broken into your garage. Tell me the easiest and smartest way to protect my garage doors? A security system can close the door and shut it from opening again which can be an open invitation for burglars to prying eyes in the neighborhood on the lurk.

What to do to Keep Burglars From Entering via the Garage Door

You have many easy and inexpensive ways to protect yourself from thieves. Pull the pulley off the garage door lever if necessary. The cord attached to the emergency lever provides a convenient way to turn the lever when needed for an emergency power interruption. removing the cord will help burglars gain access to their vehicle faster. During this period of time thieves may be willing to surrender rather than get caught by breaking into your house.

How Thieves Break into Locked Garages with Just a Coat Hanger

The burglar can easily get into a residence via the garage door. It only takes one minute to do. When you learn about the ease of breaking a locked garage door, you are sure to want to stop using the thief s way of escaping it. You could also check your routine of keeping the garage door open. The door’s locking mechanism should not be broken or slack if you want more protection. The following videos show thieves entering your home through the garage. Then look into the ways in which you will be safe and secure. Entry points should be covered over long periods of time away from the home and can a time consuming thing to install but worth it over the long term. A wire hook can act as a garage door lock – but an actual garage door lock is way more effective to cover locked up items and blocking the release cord from access.

Don’t leave your garage door opener remote in your car

Depending on how you mount your remote into your vehicle’s sun visor or put it into the glove box, these are the first places where thieves can find it. Keep your remote in your pocket or purse or carry it around and lock it away.

Don’t leave your garage doors open unnecessarily

Have people seen the doorway to the neighbors garages open and no longer visible? Leave a doorway unnecessarily open will entice someone into the home. Moreover, you allow anyone who walks through your street to find out how much your garage holds. Even if you work on your lawn it requires no effort. Even in a secure neighbourhood, you can never be sure. Some new door opener models feature smart sensors that allow you to see if you have a door open.

Cover your garage windows

This garage security tip is a way to take precautionary steps so a burglar could easily get into your car. In addition to garage doors and side glass windows, thieves can access a garage service window. And the men will look beyond tools and other valuables to get to the car so they can find someone’s car. You have to think about this when you choose a new window in the garage. Covering windows in full is a solution, as can installing blinds in garages or curtains.

Upgrade your outdated garage door opener

If you have an old-fashioned garage door opener your garage door opener can easily break in. Many people hear of burglars accessing garage doors with scanners that can quickly find an old opener code. Often even someone who has access codes that are identical to your house might be unable to access the doors when the lock button is pressed. Newer garage doors have much safer rolling code that generates new data each time it is pushed. A modern garage door opener is also quieter and more efficient than models previously manufactured.

Rethink your remote

Never clip your auto-locking opener into a window in your vehicle. Thieves know the remote for your garage doors and they can easily find out what you’re looking at by simply using it. Think about using an automatic doorbell as a key and replacing it with one that can stay on the go. Another alternative is to buy an electronic garage door opener to open and shut your garage doors anywhere through your mobile device.

Monitor activity with a smart garage door opener or other device

Door locks can help protect a garage door when it is closed when it is pressed down. Nonetheless, determined burglars can still keep the gate locked and hack in the code. A Smart Door Opener is an Amazon item that allows customers to monitor their garage and receive notifications via a smartphone when they open their door to notify law enforcement. Get a home security professional Find trusted technicians and compare free estimates on several projects. You do not need a garage door opener.

Protect your service door

Burglars enjoy good side door doors for breaking into a neighborhood and avoiding their neighbors. Most exterior garage service doors that feature standard locks have an effective and solid lock. Keep a deadbolt on your front door to protect it from a possible rip-off or damaged hinge or door lock if necessary. Invest in an extra-strong plate that is secured with a 3-inch screw. Make sure your family stays safe! Get the free daily newsletter to get all safety information, products, info and special offers.

Install motion-detecting floodlights to increase garage door security

Some thieves work in darkness so that an instant light burst can deter them from entering their premises. Solar-powered floodlight systems can be installed because they lack electrical wiring. The best motion sensors that provide extensive detections – a BNT flood light can detect movement at distances up to 26 feet and directs a bright beacon to chase robbery.

Don’t leave valuables in your garage or vehicles

Let’s just avoid putting any valuable items in the garage. Garages have a tendency to become an important place where things are not able to be stored in another room. Keep your valuables away from them or your car’s parking place and don’t put them under them. Why should we take risks in our garage without knowing the lockouts?

Upgrade your garage service door and access door

When you are examining your garage door quality, be careful not to overlook the others on your garage door. Your front door and rear door will usually be strong solid core doors with strong deadbolts installed. You need an outside garage door that will also open to your garage and will provide the same quality security. Interior entrance gates into garage should also have deadbolt lock. For added protection, you can add door locks to doors. Ensures the door is locked throughout the house. According to U.S. data, 28% of home burglaries are committed while at home.

Ensure your garage doors are in good condition

Old garage doors with fading paint or lack insulated seals will not just decrease in value and reduce home energy performance. The same applies to security in homes as well. Any gaps or holes a damaged garage door could cause can be easily accessed. Replace old garage door with a modern style that will update your home exterior appearance while also protecting your garage. Steel garage door designs have been widely accepted for durability and the variety of customization options the homeowner can choose.

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