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Top Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair or Replacement

Top Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair or Replacement

5 Signs Your Garage Door Broke Down

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At times your garage door works perfectly, you don’t even have to think about it. Then suddenly one day it just stops. You are stuck standing there just trying to figure out what’s going on. You are late for work, your car is stuck in the garage and you find yourself calling an Uber. Your morning just started and your mood is all bad all because of one simple mechanical problem with your garage door.

It can be very irritating. Thankfully we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair. We can repair your garage door anytime, day or night. And most likely, the repair is fairly minor, and it might be a simple repair.

Here are 5 signs to be aware of

  1. Sensors (Electric Eye): Sometimes our garage door sensors on both sides of the vertical tracks can either come off loose due to someone or something hitting it. Garage door sensors can be easily repaired by yourself, all you need to do is position the sensors to make sure they are lined up and both lights (green/Orange) are with a steady light and no light is blinking.

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  2. Broken Spring: You can be home one day eating dinner with your family and all of a sudden you hear a loud BANG coming from the garage. When you go to see what the loud noise was, you come into the garage and noticed nothing. Most likely (9/10 times) one of your garage door springs snapped, and the tension from the spring snapping made that loud noise. It is best to contact your local garage door professionals to help assist you with this matter, and fix the issue. Safety is very important when replacing garage door springs. When your Torsion springs snap, replacing them is not that expensive. A fair/honest garage company can give you an affordable price for the repair cost. To fix the garage broken spring you do not want to cut any corners, you want to hire the right team to repair the garage door. Make sure your technician does an alignment to your garage door and makes sure your sensors are operating correctly in the room.


  3. Garage Door Cable Snaps: Garage door cables are attached to the bottom panel on both sides of the garage door. Cables are a very important factor in a garage door system, the cables lift the door up and down with the help of the springs. When the springs have full tension- note that the cables will have all that tension in the cables as well. You can test to determine if the cables have enough tension by flicking your finger on the wires. When the cable breaks you must use extreme caution because one side and the other side can be tilted and the door is stuck open halfway and won’t move the door anymore because the steel is rubbing off the horizontal track. To fix this matter you would need to replace the cable that is snapped in order to lift your door again. Most garage doors lift with the help of your spring and cable. Garage door cable varies based on the spring type. The latter is a high-quality wired cable made from twisted wires with several strands of galvanized. They usually operate for years without incident, although problems such as the bearing in a pulley and excessive humidity on the floor or the poorly aligned tracks may cause wear, rusting, and corrosion. Depending on how often an inspection is performed it is possible to reduce the chances of fraying cables slipping.


  4. Garage Door Rollers Break: Garage doors are very unpredictable sometimes. You click your garage door opener to open your garage door, and suddenly while the door is going up and it seems the garage door is in working order, one roller breaks off the bracket and the garage panel starts to droop down, and now something is wrong with your garage door. Garage door rollers are important for the functionality of the garage door going up and down smoothly. Inspection control on your garage door rollers is smart to do, you can see if the silicone is worn out and repair needs to be done on your door rollers. Most garage door cables haven’t had an inspection done to them in many years, that’s why it’s best to contact your local garage company to have them service your garage door, and make sure to replace the rollers if needed. Rollers when replaced can easily last you another 15 years and run smoothly on the track.

  5. Garage Door Off Track: Usually when garage doors are going up and the cables snap the door comes off the track and in most cases the rollers pop out of the bracket. Garage door repair is a must because you do not want to leave your home exposed. Hiring a professional company to service your off-track door. You don’t want to work on an off-track door by yourself and do something wrong, because then you can possibly get hurt. The technician would have to release all the tension on the springs and adjust the cables to do the right alignment on the garage door repair. Once the heavy door slowly is put down, you can go ahead and readjust your cables and torsion springs. Make sure all your rollers are back in the brackets before you add tension to the springs. This garage door repair will bring security back to your car.



How to Fix Garage Door Rollers That Are Off-Track

April 30, 2020, Posted in Garage Advice. Your doors will not work for an extended period until you get them replaced. A broken door in the garage will cause trouble and expose the house to the elements. However, the good thing is that this fix is handled quickly and professionally and there are ways to eliminate it. We can help you diagnose garage door rollers quickly and effectively.

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