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Ways to Keep Pests and Rodents Away from Garage Area

Ways to Keep Pests and Rodents Away from Garage Area

Best Way To Eliminate Garage Door Pest Problem

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Preventative Steps for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Garage

Mice are tough little creatures. Even clean homes will occasionally get bitten by such insects. Although it’s completely possible that a person sneaked into the home while the door opened, the larger issue is the rapidly increasing amount of them. Many more are hiding away in rented homes. Here is one of many safer ways to prevent rats from finding your car too attractive. Pest problems in garages are a huge matter. Common pests like mice and insects and other little critters can be a serious infestation problem for your home. In some places in your home that are common areas, you can find rats, mice, and ants, are inside your garage. Find a professional garage door company that provides a service for customers to install all-around weather seal around your garage.

Tighten Seals Around Points of Access

Pipes, drain pipes, air ducting, or venting will provide entry points a small critter can get in. To stop the mouse or rat from coming into your garage, it is recommended that you close all of your doors that run through it the garage. Check this opening every month and check for damage. If you have any cracks, you know they will be able to get into it. Repair damaged sealants to prevent unwanted damage to the garage or home.

Reinforce Your Garage Door

While unauthorized entry to your house via drains or air vents can allow rodents into your home, it’s not the principal route. The majority of rodents can enter your door either by opening the garage door or through an opening near the bottom of the garage window. Keeping your garage door reinforced helps prevent rodents from escaping. Rodent block door seals are made from rubber strips on the bottom which seals the door’s opening when closed.

Year-Round Pest Control

Schedule an appointment year-round with a specialized company to provide services on pest control for your home.

What can I put on the bottom of my garage door to keep mice out?

Weather strips are flexible strips of rubber or plastic that are installed around the corners of your garage door. When parked garage doors are closed, they compress creating a tight seal that a mouse will not penetrate.


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